pj harvey shakes ur england then writes on ur forehead

pj harvey recently announced her return with her forthcoming “let england shake” album. yesterday, she dropped a track from the album pon de interwebz dubbed “written on the forehead”.

the first thing that u will notice is that her voice is drenched in annoying processed chorus effects. though she has largely abandoned her deep, powerful “man-size” vocals in favor of uh huh higher registered notes, adding effx only further effs shit up. miss ur mighty roar pj.

second… she has probably been smoking a lot of dank and vibing out to major lazer. “written on the forehead” floats on indie-credible ‘verbed out raggafied guitars and wailer-esque background vox.

interesting… and nice to see some evolution. hope “let england shake” will further rattle our notions of polly jean.

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey

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