breaking news: sony attacks bradford cox, removes his atlas sound databanks from mediafire claiming “unauthorized reproduction and distribution”

media giant, sony music, has taken a post-thanksgiving shit on the music industry and its customers by forcibly removing freely distributed recordings by an unassociated artist (bradford cox). sony sent cox a notice informing him of “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by sony music.” cox has ushered his fans to contact the faceless giant to civilly give them a piece of your collective minds.

this week, cox has been releasing one album per day containing bedroom recordings recorded throughout the year, some having been recorded only the night before. as an artist with as much creative muscle as cox, combined with the ease of music distribution via the internet, cox posted the albums on mediafire for the world to enjoy.

sonys intervention sees no direct connection, except the cover of a bob dylan song which ironically is the one album that was NOT removed from mediafire. #headscratcher

in these modern times of girl talk and low-effort cut/paste sampling, its an insult to true artists and music fans everywhere that sony would pull such close-minded, controlling tactics on a genuine musician who did no such direct lifting nor sought profit in his endavours.

the end of the internet and the music industry is near. commence torrenting as much digital media as you possibly can before the internet implodes. i may soon no longer have an internet to blog in/on.

does this spell the death of “bedroom databank”? will we ever see “databank vol. 5”?

UPDATE: bradford cox gives sony music the finger, updates links to databank downloads…

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