bradford cox doesnt give thanks but gives u “bedroom databank vol. 4”

well we all thought it was possible but considering the confusion of who actually works on this american holiday, would bradford cox continue this weeks daily trend of free album releases? the answer is… yes.

with no regard to thanksgiving, cox has released vol. 4 of “bedroom databank” for free via the deerhunter website. so while you are busy hanging out with people u dont really want to be hanging out with, u can at least look forward to downloading another atlas sound album when you get behind ur macbook air tonight.

of note, all but one track of vol. 4 were recorded YESTERDAY while you were out leaving work early and getting tanked. the exception being a track from a talent show audition in 1975. cox includes some lengthy text describing talent show (which can be read on the website in the worlds tiniest font).

think hes recording new stuff right now for vol. 5 tomorrow?

download vol. 4:

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