bradford cox saturates his own market, releases third free atlas sound album in as many days

bradford cox has indeed released a third installment of “bedroom databank” in as many days perhaps unseating omar rodriguez lopez as the most prolific music maker and releaser of said made music. volume three of atlas sound’s “databank” of demos contains 14 tracks recorded throughout the year.

free music is great and all but these daily releases are beginning to saturate the atlas sound market. its unlikely diehards have even had the time to listen to volumes one and or two with the holiday season afoot.

furthermore, telling his fans that the songs were recorded “at home” and “on a tascam” only conveys the impression that the works are unfinished and probably throwaway not worthy of graduating to deerhunter status.

would u be thankful for a fourth volume of “bedroom databank” on thanksgiving? are u tired of this shit? do u even care about bradford cox to begin with?

now stop basting that turkey and download volume three for freeeeeee:

past databank coverage: volume one, volume two

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