cults gives away music, scores major label deal

who says giving away music will only lead to bankruptcy, failure, misery, and career suicide?

credible news source pitchfork have revealed that brutal hipster fave, cults, have inked a lucrative recording contract with columbia records, proving that focusing on making good music and letting anyone and everyone hear it IS THE FUCKING WAY TO GO.

the stellar young outfit from new york distributed their self-titled 7″ for free via the bandcamp earlier this year. each of the three songs standout as indie pop homeruns of sweet musical innocence, drenched with pleasant melodies, sparkly xylophone twinkles, and well-placed complimentary guitar flutters.

though “signing to a major” (i thought) had gone the way of the dodo (as far as relevant artists go), its nice to see that musicians can still turn nothing into something. of course if their columbia debut sucks ass, thats another story. and yeah… fat chance anything under the columbia umbrella will be given away for free. ๐Ÿ™

now download the 7″ and vibe out to “go outside”…

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