gruff rhys creates sculpture out of hotel shampoo accumulated over 15 years of touring

super furry animals frontman, gruff rhys, has revealed a new art piece in the form of a house/hotel/building thing constructed out of hotel shampoo packaging which he has amassed over his 15 years as a traveling musician.

dubbed “hotel shampoo”, the piece is comprised of items beyond just hotel shampoo, but also things like shoe horns, sewing kits, slippers, matchbooks, and assorted courtesy items typically found in a hotel. each item recalls fond or not-so-fond memories of his stops in lieu of a traditional written journal.

in a message to his fans, gruff details the difficulties of smuggling liquids and bottled items due to stricter air travel regulations, and personal instances where such deviant acts proved self-soiling.

coincidentally, gruff has titled his new album “hotel shampoo” as an accompanying soundtrack to his art piece. the album drops on valentines day in 2011.

a video for the first single, “shark ridden waters“, featuring a grizzly gruff and a sexy lady has been circling the treacherous internet waters. watch here:

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