omar rodriguez lopez volta thinks is cool to release an album every month

photo credit: robin laananen

guitar playing fro bro of the mars volta, omar rodriguez lopez, has released yet another album with a difficult-to-pronounce title, “cizaña de los amores“, which google translates to tares de los amores. thanks google.

cizaña follows tychozorente which was released a month ago and is of listenable latin-flavored prog rock, unlike some of his caustic experimental throwaway “albums” but fails to capture anything spectacular esp considering his wealth of releases. just another drop in the gulf of mexico.

his lil bro marcel plays drums but he aint no deantoni parks or jon theodore. marcel should remain a fulltime macbook pro player.

ximena sariñana riveras again provides vocals as she has in the past. in fact, all her vocal melodies are lifted via cut and paste protools from the past mp3 files.

so check it out. maybe throw omar some monies cuz he works hard and has a cool fro.

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