sufjan’s asthmatic confusion

previously on the real world, sufjan steven’s record label asthmatic kitty blatantly asked sufjan fans to consider fans pay more money for sufjan’s new album “the age of adz”. in other words, dont buy at a discounted price from amazon… buy from a smaller distro that puts more money back in the wallets of sufjan and the asthmatic kitties.

just now, asthmatic kitty posted an update on their facebook page directing people to amazon where sufjan’s 2006 album, “the avalanche”, is avail for a discounted $5 price in digital format (which is the same price via bandcamp fyi).

although this isnt the just released “the age of adz” album that the kitties previously barked at, this is still a discounted price. i thought the value of artistic elbow grease greatly exceeds that of a latte?

confused hipster…

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