music blogger launches brilliant plan to help bands make money

an experienced music blogger, of the website “we listen for you“, has come up with a brilliant idea that aims to help bands make money. in this digital age of music thievery, he claims that music is an art form and those who make music deserve to make some money because they only ever sell 100 cd/digital sales these days.

dubbed the “buy this track” project, the project starts with your commitment to buy a specific track as determined by said blogger based on his expertise in music blogging (he has been blogging for three years). every two weeks, a new track will be selected for purchasing. projecting numbers of 100 or 1000, the lives of the lucky band can be greatly changed with everyones participation.

here is a text-based infographic that clearly outlines his masterplan:

  1. join facebook group
  2. dude selects song
  3. you give band one dollar
  4. you download song
  5. repeat every two weeks
  6. everybody wins

the benefits of the “buy this track” project are clearly two-fold… currently, we dont have a leader to tell us what to buy. without that leader, its possible we may buy something that sucks. like a kings of leon song. as consumers, we want to get our moneys worth. so its indeed risky to make such music buying choices without the guidance of someone who has good taste.

secondly, this project ensures that artists make money which is not enforceable in this current bit torrent society. by committing to this bi-weekly subscription, bands can count on a steady stream of music sales.

support music… join the facebook group now:

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