darker my love forgets to activate distortion pedal; records whole album sans fuzz

psych rockers, darker my love, known for their dreamy, fuzzed out, distortion-overloaded guitar-driven sound have abondoned that in favor of dylan-esque alt-country on their new album, “alive as you are”.

while the dreamy-ness is mostly intact, the buzz is out and the twang is in. “alive as you are” is a wholy different beast from its magificent predecessor, “2”, which is unfortunate due to the overwhelming awesomeness of “2”.

expectations aside, “alive as you are” is still a solid album that proves that darker my love doesnt give a rats ass what you or i think. they will march to the beat of their owns and continue to write good music. and good music it is. its just dressed differently.

enjoy their track “dear author” below or d/l it here.

Dear Author by Dangerbird Records

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