diplo and lunice poop on deerhunter’s “helicopter” via remix treatment

supermegahot “it” dj/producer/filmmaker/labelhead diplo has teamed up with producer lunice to remix the song previously featured as “song of the day” here on brutalhipster.com, deerhunter‘s excellent “helicopter” (from their just released “halcyon digest” album).

unfortunately, the remix merely layers what is a touching and somber song with undesirable beats, ultimately removing soul and substance from an otherwise simple but rich song. #subtractionbyaddition

at least we know who lunice is now.

peep this poop:
Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix) by maddecent

twin shadow all the way across the sky omg

if u want some smooth soul in your chillwave, look no further than twin shadow (not to be confused with twin sister or dj shadow). while most chillwave contains reverb-drenched vocals, twin shadow keeps the ‘verb to a mini. twin shadow paints musical pictures with melody and falsetto-laced vocals.

but let me take a step back and inform you that twin shadow isnt really chillwave. its more of a sweet mangled form of gayindienewwavediscopop dressed with vocals recalling bowie or damon albarn.

tease yourself:

dj shadow teases new material via free d/l yet insists on limited free d/l window and complicated d/l process

acclaimed dj/producer/musicmaker dj shadow teased fans with free 2 track mp3 e-single from his as-yet-untitled new album earlier this month.

side A boasts a dark, dramatic, electronic-heavy number, “def surrounds us”. sampled and cut up vocals atop a hip hop-tempoed bass booms and drum ‘n bass-like snares. fresh.

side B features an acoustic soul track that is nice but not really what shadow fan wants to hear when cranking the shad on their zune.

anyways, anyone who attempted to download the songs were confronted with servers incapable of handling the load. should anyone reach the download page, they were required to add the tracks to a virtual shopping cart and register for an account (which contains 13 required fields) to d/l the tunes.

the second brutal hipster hit that reg form, brutal hipster closed the damn browser tab and surfed over to a website that provided a one-click solution.

yall still dont get it do you music industry? eventually, the dj shadow camp figured it out… they offloaded it the excellent bandcamp.

BUT… this offer didnt last long. the shadow camp only offered the d/l for free for 2 measly days (adjusted for server downtime). its now back up to a full price of $2.99 behind the complicated djshadow.com store walls.

nice try there. yes, its not DRM. but if anyone has been taking notes as to how people consume their media in the past several years, they would know that DRM is a no no and the ease and convenience of content acquisition is a HUGE deal.

so shadow dudes… brutal hipster suggests you put on some skinny jeans and get with the times. this is the future. dont be living in the past like our friend sufjan.

peace out dogg.

sufjan’s second strike

im a casual bedroom guitar player. occassionally i’ll google guitar tabs so i can learn some songs to maybe one day impress a girl.

tonight, i thought id try to learn some sufjan stevens since he is hot on my playlist and girls seem to like him/his music. but since im honestly only a new fan of his, the only tab i recognized was for his “all delighted people” song.

so i clicked on the “all delighted people” link and was greeted with a blurb of text informing me that the user created transcription had been removed via a takedown notice claiming copyright infringement:

“The material that was posted to this page was removed from the site. Ultimate Guitar received a takedown notice from the copyright owner claiming that the user submission was an infringement of their rights. In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have removed the submission as requested by the owners.”

now just the other day, sufjan (via his record label) put out a statement attempting to disrupt the free market by suggesting his fans pay more for his forthcoming new album as a courtesy to sufjan and the elves behind his production. strike one.

tonight, this bullshit takedown of guitar chords is strike two all-the-way-across-the-fucking-sky. what are the forces trying to control here? do they fear that my learning sufjan’s chords and playing them to my future ex-wife will only remove him from the equation of getting a blow job from said future ex-wife?

for an artist who values his creative work, it is sad that his controlling ego extends all the way into my bedroom as a wannabe musician who actually finds inspiration in his creative work. now i will never be able to learn from sufjan’s work. if i ever succeed as an aspiring musician, i will only ever output kings of leon-caliber work thanks to sufjan who has locked away interpretations of his musical transcriptions.

so already having his new album in digital format via a leaky internet faucet brings me minor satisfaction. stay dusty ol’ guitar.

song of the day/night: deerhunter “helicopter”

when i first heard about deerhunter, my kitten ears thought the band was “beerhunter”. clearly, hours of googling yielded no music related results. it was then when i realized it was “dear”, not “beer”. a little disappointed and confused, i continued my crawling of the internet. but what i discovered was not at all what i was expecting. turns out i was still incorrect. it was “deer”, not “dear“. jesus…

so here i am… soul-deep in deerhunter’s new album “halycon digest“. having explored “cryptograms” and “microcastle” as well as, i am convinced that deerhunter have hit it! “halycon digest” is their “reign in blood“, their “master of puppets“, their “merriweather post pavillion“…

the song that has captured my senses all day has been “helicopter”, a song that bleeds of bradford cox‘s soul–a tourtured and lonesome soul at the gates of end times. you get a sense of the innards of his emptiness. its moving, touching. musically, its every bit his solo project, atlas sound.

who’d a thunk so much emptiness could yield so much soul? immerse yourself…

sufjan stevens/asthmatic kitty blatantly ask fans to spend more money

so earlier today, sufjan steven and his label asthmatic kitty issued a statement providing fair warning that when sufjan’s forthcoming new album, “the age of adz“, comes out it will be available through amazon at a discounted price (likely). BUT, the statement goes on to blatantly ask fans to spend more money by purchasing it from undisclosed alternatives at a non-discounted price.

why the forward greediness? well, they ‘claim’ that discounting music ‘devalues’ the artists’ work, and the promotion and distribution of physical product costs ‘more than a latte’. i dont drink lattes so i do now know what they are talking about.

but clearly, these people have been under a non-digital rock and do not understand that digital distribution costs nothing and the way people are consuming content these days is changing (rapidly). i mean, it would be a fair assumption that sufjan and asthmatic kitty do not know what lolcats are.

moreover, they go on to state that they ‘believe’ in you. um… who cares? as a consumer, you (the fan) is going to make the right choice AS A CONSUMER. do they believe that as consumers, their fans will fall prey to a guilty conscious built upon out-dated expectations of capitalistic entitlement?

for a half-second, i actually respected sufjan as a talented artist. but after hearing about this plea/demand, likely co-authored by lars ulrich, asthmatic stevens is clearly in the game to make ends meet.

here is the complete statement:

“So. We have it on good authority that Amazon will be selling The Age of Adz for a very low price on release date, not unlike they did with Arcade Fire’s recent (and really terrific) The Suburbs. We’re not 100% sure Amazon will do this, but mostly sure.

“We have mixed feelings about discounted pricing. Like we said, we love getting good music into the hands of good people, and when a price is low, more people buy. A low price will introduce a lot of people to Sufjan’s music and to this wonderful album. For that, we’re grateful.

“But we also feel like the work that our artists produce is worth more than a cost of a latte. We value the skill, love, and time they’ve put into making their records. And we feel that our work too, in promotion and distribution, is also valuable and worthwhile.

“That’s why we personally feel that physical products like EPs should sell for around $7 and full-length CDs for around $10-12 We think digital EPs should sell for around $5 and full-length digital albums for something like $8.

“So you might wonder why we’d ‘allow’ Amazon to sell it for lower than that.

“There are several reasons why, but mostly? It’s because we believe in you. We trust you and in your ability to make your own choice.”

after all this, i kind of regret buying a digital copy of the “all delighted people” ep at full price. i could have saved $1 buying it from amazon that could go towards my first ever latte. or i could have downloaded it for free from an mp3 blog. in that case, i could have had my first AND second ever lattes.

anyways, enough attention to this silliness… im off to download “the age of adz” leak…

darker my love forgets to activate distortion pedal; records whole album sans fuzz

psych rockers, darker my love, known for their dreamy, fuzzed out, distortion-overloaded guitar-driven sound have abondoned that in favor of dylan-esque alt-country on their new album, “alive as you are”.

while the dreamy-ness is mostly intact, the buzz is out and the twang is in. “alive as you are” is a wholy different beast from its magificent predecessor, “2”, which is unfortunate due to the overwhelming awesomeness of “2”.

expectations aside, “alive as you are” is still a solid album that proves that darker my love doesnt give a rats ass what you or i think. they will march to the beat of their owns and continue to write good music. and good music it is. its just dressed differently.

enjoy their track “dear author” below or d/l it here.

Dear Author by Dangerbird Records

das not mini mixtape

if that yelle minimix left u disappointed… well, then you have half a brain like me.

so just a day or two ago (my memory is poor), das racist has put out a free mixtape via mad decent/mishka/greedhead. this aint no “mini” mix… this is a full-on hour-plus mixtape of hot shit from teengirl fantasy, diplo, boi-1da, scoop deville, and others u actually aint nevah heard of.

hip hop is weird these days. its straight up overly produced mainstream shit, or too-chill/positive rap that was futuristic back in the early 2000s, or electro-influenced cross-over stuff that is half-relevant. bros are still into hip hop cuz they aint got no clue and/or their chicks be dancing to that shit.

but i trust in mad decent to have a finger on the pulse (via the diplodocus).  so peep this FREE mixtape from das racist… http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/das-racist-sit-down-man/

yelle drops new supermicroscopicnanomix

lady electro pop tart, yelle, has a dropped a new minimix via kitsuné teasing her new single “la musique”. the minimix is, in fact, so mini that smaller than my patience for dedicating a full blog post announcing a mere 1:45 minute-long snippetpreviewsampleexcerptteaser.

i like yelle but if you care to waste your time with a silly preview, go here: http://official.fm/track/153057