the arcade firefox

the arcade fire released an interactive web music video that combines location-based magic and futuristic web technology that can only be experienced inside of a web browser on your computer.  you enter the address of where you grew up and then watch/listen to your computer transform into an arcade fire.

im not sure what the point of such an elaborate music video-experience was. if it was supposed to make me like their music, it didnt work.  or maybe it was cuz it recalled unchill memories of my home town.

the song is called “we used to wait”… the interactive film is called “the wilderness downtown” (no relation to black mountain’s awesome “wilderness heart” album).

enter the past via the future now:

note: this does not work in firefox. use google chrome.

sidebar: not sure why they tout it as html5 when the doctype is clearly “xhtml1-transitional”.

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