pon de black mountain

some band called black mountain are about to release a new album called “wilderness heart”. ive heard the album and its fucking good.

never mind that they are from canada. they are the intersection of bearded mountain man rock, hipster hard rock, psychedelic fuzzzy buzzy blues rock…even a splash of retro NWOBHM throwback… which ultimately culminates to neo hippie rock.

while most stoney rock bands just barrel forth with dirty blues grooves, black mountain serves up hella dynamics… headbanging riffs, clean and acoustic guitars, controlled tempos, complimentary male/female vocals, and a sweet balance between guitars and keyboards.

aint gonna name drop a bunch of classic rock bands cuz that would only disservice them.  besides, their band name begins with “black”… i think that is descriptive enough.

go download a free sampler from them, which includes 2 new tunes from the new album: http://jagjaguwar.com/blackmountain/

peep their “old fangs” video while youre here:

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