surf the sufjan-wave

im sure you’ve heard about sufjan by now. but for good reason. his “all delighted people” ep, which clocks in at nearly 60 mins, is fucking fantastic, yet merely labeled an ep.

(that’s probably good for beach house, cuz i think beach house has already sealed “best album of 2010” with an album that was released in the first month of 2010.) #BOLDSTATEMENT

but i digress…

sufjan’s ep is epic. its so mellow and unassuming on the surface. but within the first 20 seconds, you’d have to be a dumbass pinhead to not realize the wealth of musical depth that lie before you.

“all delighted people” is steaming with melodic smarts layered with delicate soulfulness that i dont know where to apply the proper punctuation when describing that shit.

in short, the ep is beatles-esque and simon and garfunkel-esque. its so real and old-school that its futuristic. seriously… you listen to “throwback” shit like jet or wolfmother or whatever and that shit’s like new but trying to be old. sufjan is just real trying to be real.

whatever. ive said too much. listen for yourself. and then send him five bucks like i did…

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