song of the day: lower dens “tea lights”

a month ago, my fave beach house tweeted about a band called lower dens insisting that their new album “twin hand movement” is amazing and it is capable of “fucking you up”.

so i starred that little tweet and finally got around to sampling the album and i can say im pleasantly enjoying the album.  its not beach house-amazing but it still sparkles in its own special way.  the album is soft and mellow like beach house and minimal in sound like the xx.  they do have some recockulous song titles like “a dog’s dick” and “two cocks”.

anyways…get fucked up by lower dens.  track 2 “tea lights” is mandatory:

they are playing FYF Fest this weeeekend!!

UPDATE: they are playing earlier than sin… before 1pm. :

u know u just cant get enough of #oldnew

“oldnew” is a new series about old ppl creating new musics.

in this first edition, we have margin gore and vince clarke working on a new “techno-ish” track:

this is moderately exciting because gore and clarke used to play on the same depeche mode team before clarke joined the erasure expansion team.

all we know thus far is that this collaboration is ONE song. and the song is called “zaat”.

along with my moderate excitement is moderate caution. i hope its not meh. but i know u want an albums worth of goreclarkemode. u know u just cant get enough of that music that made a huge impact on ur life during ur formative/impressionable high school years…

the arcade firefox

the arcade fire released an interactive web music video that combines location-based magic and futuristic web technology that can only be experienced inside of a web browser on your computer.  you enter the address of where you grew up and then watch/listen to your computer transform into an arcade fire.

im not sure what the point of such an elaborate music video-experience was. if it was supposed to make me like their music, it didnt work.  or maybe it was cuz it recalled unchill memories of my home town.

the song is called “we used to wait”… the interactive film is called “the wilderness downtown” (no relation to black mountain’s awesome “wilderness heart” album).

enter the past via the future now:

note: this does not work in firefox. use google chrome.

sidebar: not sure why they tout it as html5 when the doctype is clearly “xhtml1-transitional”.

glamtera: glam era pantera #newold

“newold” is a new series about old shit being presented as new. because old is the new new.

not unlike soundgarden’s recent newold release that accompanies a boxsetretrospectivecollection thingy, today pantera unveiled a new unreleased song from their forthcoming 20thanniversarysuperultimatemegaexpandeddeluxe edition of “cowboys from hell.”

its a cute glimpse into their pre-vulgarcowboy era when the texans heavily worshiped =VH=.  the song “the will to survive” is hosted over behind the evil facebook walls so tease your hair and skate on over there to listen to the track:

is glam hip?

UPDATE: btw, those familiar w/ pantera should recognize some familiar riffs.

pon de black mountain

some band called black mountain are about to release a new album called “wilderness heart”. ive heard the album and its fucking good.

never mind that they are from canada. they are the intersection of bearded mountain man rock, hipster hard rock, psychedelic fuzzzy buzzy blues rock…even a splash of retro NWOBHM throwback… which ultimately culminates to neo hippie rock.

while most stoney rock bands just barrel forth with dirty blues grooves, black mountain serves up hella dynamics… headbanging riffs, clean and acoustic guitars, controlled tempos, complimentary male/female vocals, and a sweet balance between guitars and keyboards.

aint gonna name drop a bunch of classic rock bands cuz that would only disservice them.  besides, their band name begins with “black”… i think that is descriptive enough.

go download a free sampler from them, which includes 2 new tunes from the new album:

peep their “old fangs” video while youre here:

odd: pronunciation of “adz” is “odds”

six days after releasing the most excellent “all delighted people” ep, sufjan stevens has announced his next full-length “the age of adz” is primed for an october 12th release.  this is great news because “all delighted people” delights me.

however, one day after declaring beach house’s “teen dream” as “best album of 2010”, news of a full-length sufjan release in 2010 means maybe ill eat my words. #speculativefun #oddtiming

surf the sufjan-wave

im sure you’ve heard about sufjan by now. but for good reason. his “all delighted people” ep, which clocks in at nearly 60 mins, is fucking fantastic, yet merely labeled an ep.

(that’s probably good for beach house, cuz i think beach house has already sealed “best album of 2010” with an album that was released in the first month of 2010.) #BOLDSTATEMENT

but i digress…

sufjan’s ep is epic. its so mellow and unassuming on the surface. but within the first 20 seconds, you’d have to be a dumbass pinhead to not realize the wealth of musical depth that lie before you.

“all delighted people” is steaming with melodic smarts layered with delicate soulfulness that i dont know where to apply the proper punctuation when describing that shit.

in short, the ep is beatles-esque and simon and garfunkel-esque. its so real and old-school that its futuristic. seriously… you listen to “throwback” shit like jet or wolfmother or whatever and that shit’s like new but trying to be old. sufjan is just real trying to be real.

whatever. ive said too much. listen for yourself. and then send him five bucks like i did…

new-ish beach house is dreamweavy

theres a new beach house ep that includes a new-ish song called “white moon”. i approve of the song (and the ep). also best coast-approved.

the interpretation of “norway” is sweet and dark and twisty. and the recording of “gila” brings it up to the nice dreamy style the band has fit into with their “teen dream” album.

n.e.wayz… check out “white moon”:

Beach House – White Moon (Itunes Session) by subpop

btw, wtf is “dream pop”?